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Méchants Pinsons is your neighborhood café. We believe that a good coffee is essential to a vibrant and full day. It is now more important than ever to preserve the local, so we sell primarily Canadian products and most of our roasters are Québécois.
Stop by Méchants Pinsons at 1546 Laurier Est to understand why we're an award winning neighborhood café, winners of the Coup de Coeur Th3rdwave Prize in 2018 and 2019 and Best Manual Brew Bar 2019.

1546 Avenue Laurier E.

Montréal, QC H2J 1H9

(514) 776-5070


8h00 – 16h00


8h00 – 16h00


8h00 – 16h00


8h00 – 16h00


8h00 – 16h00


8h00 – 16h00


8h00 – 16h00

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Discover our wide selection of freshly roasted coffee today, from roasters such as Zab, Traffic, and Escape. Shop by your favorite roaster, or browse by country of origin. Looking for brewing kit? We’ve got you covered: shop by brewing method or brand to get everything you need to brew fantastic coffee.


1546 avenue Laurier E.
Montréal, Qc  H2J 1H9

Le Café

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